Handcrafted soaps for you and your pet.

  • Big Brand "soaps"

    Have you ever looked at a label for a commerically produced bar soap or body wash? If you have, you will notice they are rarely actually called "SOAP". This is because most of the time, it is actually a detergent. What you are using on your body is the same as in your dish wash, laundry detergents and other cleansers. These can strip your skin of natual moisture.

  • Handmade soaps

    Real "soap" contains raw ingredients that include fat and/or oil, liquid and lye. This means no harsh cleaning chemicals. Handmade soaps clean you, and because they contain glycerin, they are much less drying.

  • Benefits of Handmade soaps

    Homemade soapmakers take time and effort developing soap receipes. Each oil and butter selected for specific reasons, be it the lather they produce, the cleansing, scent, moisture, etc. This is to make the best bar possible, with different properties. Some bars have big fluffly lather, others are rich and creamy. This is all due to the oils used.

  • Back to the bar!

    We use quality ingredients to make soaps that are top notch. Our soaps lather well, smell fantastic, and get you clean, without all the things commerical soaps contain. We have a wide variety of soaps to pick, there is something for everyone. Try us out, we think you agree, it's time to bring back the bar! (The handmade soap bar that is!)