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Rich Body Cream

Rich Body Cream

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Bye-Bye dry!

Our rich body cream will have your skin saying thank you!   We used quality ingredients when we crafted this body cream. It is formulated to absorb quickly, while still providing lots of rich moisture to your skin.


4 fl oz.

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Why is our body cream special?

We used a combination of shea butter (rich in vitamins & fatty acids) and mango butter (hydrates without leaving you greasy).  

 Then we splurged with honeyquat (increases skin's moisture uptake ability, a natural product made from honey) and Calendula extract - great for overall skin appearance and hydration).  These are excellent additions in skin care, but lesser known.   

Avocado oil provides a good source of vitamin E, and silk is full of proteins that are absorbed by your skin to nourish and protect.  The beeswax creates a barrier on your skin to help lock in all this goodness!

    • Made From:

      water, avocado oil, honeyquat, shea & mango butter, cetearyl alcohol, calendula extract, polysorbate 60, beeswax, fragrance, silk powder, phenoxyethanol & caprylyl glycol

    • Directions for Use

      Take a small amount and rub between your hands to warm the lotion and then massage the product onto you skin. A little goes a long way, start with a small amount, add more if needed.

    • Mango Pineapple

      One of our most popular blends! Fresh mango, juicy pineapple, a tropical treat! It is like a mini vacation, without the sand! Don't wait for summer for this one, it's a great pick me up in the winter too.

    • Black Raspberry Vanilla

      How can you go wrong with berries and vanilla?
      The short answer is you can't! This scent is reminiscent of the extremely popular B&BW classic, and after you smell it, we think you will agree it is a keeper.

    • Sea Salt Lotus Blossom

      The scent of fresh air, sea salt, ocean mist and aquatic florals, with beach waves and greenery. It's modern, twist on a fresh, clean classic. This scent is popular with both women and men.